Monday, June 21, 2010

This is pretty huge in the environmental world. For the first time, an American President, who by the way controls the majority of the worlds resources and thus the resulting pollution, has decreed that oil must go.

In this classically obama-esque speech, he charges British Petroleum with the entire cost of the rehabilitation of the effected regions, as well as set up an oil-watch dog to regulate oil companies!
This is a big step in having governments around the world realize that our way of life has to change. This goes much beyond simply getting us off our oil addiction, but percolates down into intensifying everything green, from local food to recycling.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


welcome to the Hugh Garner Green Living blog! Here you will be able to find updates about whats happening at Hugh Garner to lower the co-ops impact on the environment, both locally and regionally. Details about the energy retrofit will be posted as well updates about the green roof and any other initiatives happening here.

It won't be all be boring though! I swear. This blog will also act as a tool for those interested in the environment with frequent updates on whats happening in the environmental communities at large to whats happening in Toronto. Here you can find out ways that you yourself and lower whats called your "carbon footprint", don't worry about a definition, we can get into that later.

Until then, stay tuned!